Asgard - Battle
MP3-Audiodatei [5.3 MB]
Asgard - Transmigration
taken from the album "Imago Mundi"
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Asgard - Justice
taken from the album "Imago Mundi"
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Albert Ambrosi
Ramsauer Str. 124
83483 Engedey





On the top of this site you find 3 download-links of three tracks for free.
The song "Battle" will be part of our next work Ragnarokkr.
The vocals on this demo are not representative, because you hear not the singer who will appear on the album.
The tracks "Transmigration" an "Justice" were released on our album Imago Mundi.







The band was born 1987 in Treviso ( very north of Italy ).

Until 1991 we won several rock-contests, took part in radio and TV shows and appeared regularly with reviews
( most of them very good ) and interviews on international press.


In December 1987 we were sent to Ibiza in order to record some tracks with the ex producer of PINK

FLOYD Nick Griffiths and to include these recordings in a sample-LP called “Italian rock invasion”

together with some of the best italian bands.

In 1988 we took part in such another sample-LP compiled by a dutch label and featuring the most

interesting Prog-Metal bands from all over Europe. Title of this LP was “Exposure ‘88”.


In 1991 Asgard signed for a german label after the incredible good reactions to the two demo-tapes

we had published ( the second of them entirely live ).

4 CD’s were recorded in Germany and distributed worldwide.


Between 1991 and 1995 we had to play a real lot of concerts all over Europe ( including some Eastern

Countries ) and we were invited again and again in radio and TV programs. Interviews and articles appeared in many magazines worldwide i.e. “Rock Hard”, “HAMMER”, “Heavy oder was”, "Break Out”, and “Metal Heart” in Germany, “Metal Hammer” in England, Poland and Italy, and many more.


In July 1995, at the end of an European tour, some of us decided to remain to live in Germany because of personal reasons, however the other members, who wanted to stay in Italy, left Asgard as a consequence of this.


In April 2000, after 8 years silence, we have published our 5th album Drachenblut under our own label.

Most of the critics are very good.






1992  ARKANA








The band is working at the new album „Ragnarøkkr”.



The name ASGARD is taken from the ancient north-european mythology and means the castle of the Gods, built up in the sky ( as metaphor for an ideal world far away from human miseries ).

The lyrics reflect a strong passion for medieval literature and sagas, however through this imaginary

material they deal with subjects of everytime and everywhere and behind the lines also with problems

of today’s world.



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